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Future News 2/9/2021

We will see booms this week. It is going to be about November. Military will be everywhere. Stand for truth! Hold the line!

We are going after media. Tell the truth, create your own social media platform and tell the truth. Big news on the 19 th. this month.

It will overcome media problem. Censorship will be pushed , truth is coming out. New broadcasting system is in place. People listen.

Next 2 weeks will be intense. Light hair woman will talk statistic on TV , she will give proof to people in 2–3 weeks. Big shocks to all. Scandal, numbers, military talking on TV.

2021 scandal with world banks. Banks will be closed but not for long.

Hurricane is coming and in the same time news about Trump. We will see military courts and some old cases.

Texas corruption about energy is coming public, it’s a big company ,
Russia and China are involved.
Las Vegas shootings was treason. We will watch video playing back from all situations, few cases in court. Trump will NOT be impeached. What is coming , proof will acquit him. It will take 1 year to solve all this happening now.
Military has 2 sides same as politics. White hats are in control. Vatican smoke in more then one way. 2 dead in Hollywood and also politics. Politicians pushing for a war with Iran. Military will stop that quickly. We will be ok.

NY glass building will be in the center of things, shooting.
In EU, France human right problem, big news, people out on the street.
Scandal with Canada 2–3 weeks from now.
Africa in the news-documents are found and revealed.
Everybody wants to sue UK. Boris is out. Tory woman is in 2022, truthful, honest lady with funny hair.

Kids in and out of school. September riots in UK, everybody wants to sue UK.
Freedom is close. Pray for Trump and military.